Look Back: Summer Beach Project 2015

What is the Summer Beach Project?

Summer Beach Project (SBP) is an investment of 8 weeks that will pay dividends throughout the remainder of your life! You will grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ by learning more about studying the Bible, praying, building relationships with other college students, working a job, sharing your faith and attending a local church.

Will I make any money?

Probably! Most students work a job 25 - 45 hours each week that can help pay for the cost of your summer expenses. All students attending SBP are required to pursue a job or a service internship where they work anywhere from 25-45 hours a week (with the exception of collegiate athletes in training).  It is not necessary that you go early to obtain a job.  Campus Outreach has an established reputation in the area and employers are eager to hire our students and regularly set aside jobs for our participants.  Our staff will travel to Myrtle Beach to secure a number of jobs for participants.  If you do not need to work this summer, you may volunteer at a number of non-profit organizations within Myrtle Beach.   Contact Phil Thomas for more information regarding a service internship!

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Where will it be located?

Myrtle Beach, SC

When will it be?

June 2nd-July 27th

Who will be there?

Approximately 200 students from across North Carolina, Washington D.C, and Virginia.

who sponsors the sbp?

Campus Outreach Charlotte. It is an interdenominational ministry under the supervision of Christ Covenant Church in Matthews, NC.


2017 SBP Project Directors


A Glance of SBP 2016!

Summer Beach project was truly the first time I experienced the power of the gospel to break down all barriers. I signed up not knowing what to expect, but I remember leaving amazed at how much I grew alongside my roommates. Most importantly, it transformed my perspective on faith and my relationship with God from a private discipline into a collective act of worship as part of the body of Christ.
— SBP Participant & Davidson '13 Alum, Que 'Q' Attenoukon